Work on the XNA port continues. I have to admit. I am having alot of fun learning these shaders.
XNA is turning out to be pretty reasonable thus far.
I am still worried about some issues, but I'll deal with them when I need to.

I hit some unexpected difficulties with the Axiom port. We have decided to do some tests against XNA to determine which direction we want to take the rendering engine.
The current MDX 1.1 render engine is already in maintanence mode with Microsoft. We are worried about finishing the game with it only to have it deprecated.

I am currently porting the game from the MDX 1.1 engine to the Axiom engine. This will allow us to support Windows, Linux, and OS X platforms.
This is a screen of the current Axiom client. I know you've seen this before, but this screeny is with the new engine.
So I really don't have any great screenshots to show you. Instead, I have this crappy shot of how I spend most of my time with the game. I am not sure, but I thought some people might be curious to see what it looked like from the other side. Anyhow, please feel free to flame me etc. It has been a slow period for us. We've had alot of personal issues that have taken away from our development time. Such is the reality of a fan project, I am hoping to have more time soon for the project myself. I'll try to get a less lame screeny as soon as I can.

Yeah, this is somewhat out of place for the timeline we are starting with, but I figured some of you might like to see it anyway.



We knows its been a while, but we are still at it.











5 new screenshots.
These screenshots show some of the improvements in the continuous terrain generation model.
They also show the Recon Alpha Model which is now able to transform.
Maybe I will make a fraps for yall soon.


2 new screenshots.
These are shots of Earth from space. I am working on the continuous terrain generation model.
This will allow you to smoothly transition from orbit to the ground without "zoning".
Also visible is an early version of the alpha.


Here is a screenshot of the developer sandbox client.
This client is networked and support chatting.

OK, I was having a problem with my skinned mesh class, but I have solved it. I am now going to focus on the server side some more.
I am planning to have the developer sandbox running in the next 1-2 weeks.
Here is a screeny of the animated cyclone I am dorking with.

OK, we all like screenshots. I know. This game is only a matter of weeks old at this point.
Here is a screenshot of the terrain stuff and stress testing that I am working on for the sandbox version of the game.
Please understand that I know its not very impressive.

When we have something better to show you , we will.


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